External RAID IDE Enclosure

Craig I. Hagan hagan at cih.com
Thu Oct 17 19:24:00 CDT 2002

> Has anyone had any experience and/or found a relatively cheap but good 
> external RAID case for an IDE array? I know it used to be pretty easy
> to find an external SCSI case and was hoping to do simular with the 
> IDE and possibly have the IDE internal to the addon box.

I'm being a freak and am doing the equivalent of BCV's (third mirror backups)
using firewire attached IDE drives. This should work fine with USB2.0 as well
(the dell 2300 doesn't have usb, alas).

i'm not sure how this would help you if you are looking for high speed/high
capacity. if you want just a few drives, a 3-4 port firewire/USB2 pci card
shouldn't run more than $100, the drive chassis are about $80 down at compusa,
and about $250-$300 with a drive in it (range is from ~40GB to 180GB at
compusa, but you can just get an empty case and put whatever you want inside).

i'd avoid using a hub and just do lots of direct attach, as USB2 (or firewire)
ports are pretty cheap.

-- craig

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