onboard nic faild when pci nic is inserted

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Tue Oct 15 10:58:00 CDT 2002

On Tue, 15 Oct 2002, at 5:21pm, carsten.probst at net-m.de wrote:
> when i build in the additional pci nic (a dell nic rev. a02 with intel
> chipset 82559) it overwrites the onboard 100mbit nic.

  What is happening is that the device driver for the Intel NICs is finding
the PCI NIC first (and calling it "eth0"), and then finding the onboard NIC
next ("eth1").  The order of initialization is generally out of your
control, but since the names are arbitrary anyway, it should not matter
much.  Simply switch your old network configuration to use "eth1"  instead
of "eth0", and all should be well.

  If you look in the "/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/" directory, you will
see a file named "ifcfg-eth0".  That contains the network interface
configuration for device "eth0".  First, rename the file to "ifcfg-eth1".  
Then, edit the file with the text editor of your choice, and change the
"DEVICE=eth0" line to read "DEVICE=eth1".  Then run the command "ifup eth1"  
to bring up your newly configured eth1 interface.

  Then configure your new card's setting as "eth0".

> what is curious is that with a 3com card or a netgear card i do not have
> any problems.

  Those cards use different device drivers.  You *can* control the order of
device driver module loading, and since those cards would have been added
after the install, the driver gets loaded after the Intel NIC driver, and
thus becomes "eth1".

  General tip: The command "ifconfig -a" will show you information about all
network interfaces, even if they are unconfigured.

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