PE600SC + Red Hat 6.2 = install failure? bscott at
Thu Oct 10 16:12:01 CDT 2002

Hello list,

  Well, we just got our very first Dell PowerEdge 600SC in.  Two of them, in
fact.  I really like this new replacement for the 500SC -- more room, easier
to work with, better cooling, faster memory bus.  Cool.

  Not so cool is that we are having install troubles.  Our standard install
for servers is Red Hat Linux 6.2 plus a set of our own config modifications
and packages.  We would like to stick with 6.2 for awhile longer if possible
-- switching releases would entail a lot of internal re-development and
documentation updates.  Basically, "If it works, don't fix it".

  The problem is, it doesn't work.  When we try to install RHL 6.2 on the
600SC, the Anaconda installer crashes when it gets to the "Reading package
list" stage.  I have tried multiple install discs.  I have tried "stock" RHL
6.2 and also RHL 6.2 Dell SBE 2.  These same CDs have installed fine on
dozens of other Dell servers.  As I said, we have two of these 600SC units
in our lab, and they both do the exact same thing.  They both have just a
simple IDE hard disk, no RAID or SCSI or anything, so I am not loading any
special device drivers.  I have run a full set of Dell's System Utility
diagnostics, and all the hardware checks out fine.  No matter what I do, I
always get the same crash.

  The last few lines of the Python stack dump are:

	line 299, in readCompsFile
	File "/usr/lib/anaconda/",
	line 46, in __getitem__
	return self.packages[item]

  I have no idea what "KeyError:basesystem" might mean.  I do not see any
other errors during the install.  Nothing unusual shows up on the two log
monitor virtual consoles.  The installer just quits.

  I tried a Red Hat Linux 7.3 CD, just to see what would happen, and it read
the package list without problems.  So whatever is going on, it must be
specific to 6.2.  I am guessing the 2.2 kernel might have some issue in
combination with the motherboard core logic or IDE controller, but I have no
idea where to begin looking.

  Anyone have any ideas?

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