Web Application Question

Jeff Vreeland faithtsu at troyst.edu
Wed Oct 9 15:42:00 CDT 2002

I am having a problem configuring a web application on my server. I am
running a PowerEdge 350 with Red Hat 7.2. 
I am wanting to use Sun One Web Server (AKA IPlanet) instead of Apache.
The problem is when I shut off apache and turn on IPlanet Web Server I
was aml not able to access a web page at my servers IP. Once I turn off
IPlanet and turn back on Apache and go to the IP of the machine the
default Poweredge page is displayed.
My question is, is there a default setting I need to configure to tell
the machine to use Iplanet instead of Apache? Or do I just need to
uninstall apache? I do not to use Apache or do i ever want to use and I
am sure someone out there has not used Apache and used another Web
Server App so please help if ya can. 
Thanks in Advance, 
Jeff Vreeland
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