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When you flash your BIOS or reset the settings back to factory default, the
raid controller gets disabled and the on-board AIC-7899 SCSI Controller is
then enabled on both channels.  Go back into the BIOS (System Setup = <F2>),
hit "ALT-P" for the 2nd Page.  Then towards the bottom, you will see an
option that says:  Primay Channel A or something like this.  It will have
SCSI next to it, change this OPTION to say RAID.  Then hit Alt-B to save
changes and reboot.  You will now see your PERC3/DI Raid controller on POST
and the AIC-7899 SCSI Controller.  

Hope this helps.

Jeremy Sheard
DELL Server Support

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OK, it's almost getting funny. Almost, if I wasn't tearing my hair out.

Having reset my system's BIOS (BIOS A05 on a PE2500), my PERC 3/Di is no
longer being recognised at all - the system is just picking up the AIC
7899 and a whole load of discs.

Suggestions? I'm thinking "get an engineer out" but, if anybody knows a
reasonably simple solution, I'm all ears.



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