running afacli in a cron job

Glen Turner glen.turner at
Fri Nov 29 00:24:01 CST 2002

Pierre Wendling wrote:

> Error opening terminal: unknown

You should report this is as a bug.  The program should have
called the function isatty() before it "tries to use fancy tty
features for it's CLI".

Note that Linux has a file /dev/stdin which you might find handy
to pass to a "input file" argument.  As an untested example
(I'm writing this on a notebook computer)

   afacli @/dev/stdin

would ask afacli to read stdin as its input file (assuming
"read commands from file" is the meaning of the '@' parameter).
As long as afacli doesn't try to seek() to the start of the file
it should work.


PS: /dev/stdin is a link to /proc/self/fd/0.  You might need
     to know that if afacli is very odd.

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