The system takes over

jason andrade jason at
Wed Nov 27 22:31:01 CST 2002

On Thu, 28 Nov 2002, Norman Gaywood wrote:

> This time I did not let the rsync continue until the system was unusable
> and killed the rsync processes. I left the system to do nothing for a 2
> hours to see if it recovered. It didn't, the system is still sluggish
> two hours after the rsync was killed. Following is the top output. Note
> kswapd.

how many files are you trying to rsync ?  and is there any opportunity
that you can boot into the latest redhat errata kernel as a bit of baseline
in testing.

> I have two 16G swap partitions:
> /dev/sdb2       swap                    swap    defaults 0 0
> /dev/sda2       swap                    swap    defaults 0 0
> Seems like a lot but I was going on the "should have 2x the amount of
> memory for swap" rule of thumb. The system should not be using swap
> anyway. So why is kswapd so busy?

can you try not using any swap at all and see how you go ? (e.g reboot
the machine with the above entries commented out)

the system will almost always end up using some swap because of linux's
quite agressive use of memory for buffering and caching.

also, can you turn OFF hyperthreading.



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