holiday tg3 posted

Jeff Garzik jgarzik at
Wed Nov 27 21:42:00 CST 2002

Thanks to all who have provided feedback so far.

To recap, for those who might want the URLs, here is the latest Linux
driver for the broadcom 570x GigE NICs, "tg3".  I encourage those
willing to test and provide feedback on performance, stability, etc.

Drop-into-kernel-tree source code:

Red Hat rpms (including source rpm):

Now!  For those a little bit more adventurous, here is a holiday present
for you.  The tg3 driver has been updated to be even more lightweight.
This is an entirely-inside-the-source-code update which should have no
effects besides increased performance due to decreased CPU usage.  The
catch is, of course, the code is young and needs outside exposure and
usage.  Anybody up for giving it a try?  _In theory_ the driver is just
as stable as version 1.2, if not more so.  Let's help prove that :)

Here is a tg3 version marked "1.2txlock".

Drop-in source code for 1.2txlock:

Red Hat rpms (including source rpm):

Usual disclaimer:  these are _unofficial_ rpms provided to users without
any guarantees at all.  do not use in production.  they may damage your
computer hardware, software, and/or scare your cat.

All the best and happy holidays,


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