dellmgr RAID configuration

Alexander Lazarevich alazarev at
Wed Nov 27 09:33:00 CST 2002

We have a PE4600, with a PERC3/QC controller. The system is going to be
our fileserver. Internally attached to that PERC3 controller are:

1) RAID 1 array (2 X 73GB drives) - configured and running RH linux 7.3.

2) RAID 5 array (8 X 73GB drives) - ext3

I'm trying to do some filesystem I/O testing, to see how different RAID
configurations change the filesystem I/O speed. Currently the RAID 5 has 8
drives in it. I want to destroy that array, and rebuild a new array with
only 4 drives and see how that performs.

I'm using dellmgr from a console window in Redhat linux 7.3. But I do not
see any way to create a new RAID 5 configuration, without also making a
new RAID 1 configuration. I don't want to touch my RAID 1 array, I want to
leave it alone. I just want to rebuild the RAID 5. I just can't seem to
find a way to do that without also rebulding the RAID 1. If it rebuilds
the RAID 1, then I'll have to reinstall the OS, right? There must be a way
to rebuild just a single RAID array and leave another one alone, right?!?!

Thanks in advance!

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