The system takes over

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What's your disk subsystem consist of?  You state that you are using
software RAID1 and 5, but you don't dtate what type of disk
hardware/controllers and in what configuration you have it in.

I would venture to guess that your system is waiting for disk I/O and
that is why you're seeing such high loads and slow rsync performance.

Also remember that due to hardware restraints, the rsync process will
actually only use about 3GB of the 16GB of memory in your system.  The
rest is just used as cache.

If you don't mind, or it's not confidential, could you mail me your disk
susbsytem configuration?  I might be able to tell you wherein lies your

Good luck,

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On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 06:17:49PM -0600, Steve_Boley at wrote:
> Looks like sshd is hanging processes and loading up the system.  When
> did the ps -auxwf your sshd process is showing 99.9% cpu utilization.

But could that not be the ps being starved of CPU because the processors
are spending so much time in "system time"? There are other ssh sessions
running top that don't have a high %CPU. I would think that the ps
command has a high %CPU because that was the command that was running at
the time.

The CPU section in top does not look "normal" to me:

  8:52pm  up  4:48,  5 users,  load average: 40.11, 34.19, 23.98
157 processes: 121 sleeping, 36 running, 0 zombie, 0 stopped
CPU0 states:  0.3% user, 98.227% system,  0.0% nice,  1.583% idle
CPU1 states:  0.3% user, 98.405% system,  0.0% nice,  1.405% idle
CPU2 states:  0.2% user, 97.747% system,  0.0% nice,  2.64% idle
CPU3 states:  0.1% user, 98.28% system,  0.0% nice,  1.784% idle
CPU4 states:  0.3% user, 98.201% system,  0.0% nice,  1.609% idle
CPU5 states:  0.2% user, 98.304% system,  0.0% nice,  1.507% idle
CPU6 states:  0.3% user, 98.257% system,  0.0% nice,  1.553% idle
CPU7 states:  0.3% user, 98.246% system,  0.0% nice,  1.564% idle
Mem:  16280784K av, 14486564K used, 1794220K free,       0K shrd, 640K
Swap: 33559768K av,       0K used, 33559768K free 13724140K cached

Those % system times look too high.

Anyway, I trying the new:


I've set off the rsync again and am watching the numbers. At least I
haven't had the tg3 hang yet! It's only been a few hours so far.

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