DOMSA with 2.4.9-31 on a PE1650

Shaw, Marco at
Tue Nov 26 17:14:01 CST 2002

Well installed the latest and greatest DOMSA 1.2.0 A00, and things went much better.  Used the directory /var/omsa/dks/`uname -r` to copy the module over from another machine.

Everything seems to work great, but I did get these errors on install:

[root at localhost APP32_LNX_MN]# sh
Turning off DMA on IDE CDROM drives.
Disabling DMA for CDROM /dev/hda
Message: [Start] -> Please wait
Checking Dependencies...
Server Administrator Installation in progress ...
Diagnostic Service Installation in progress ...
Installation Finished.
racser: unrecognized service
racvnc: unrecognized service
racsrvc: unrecognized service

Found one other mention of them:

Can anyone put my "concern" to rest by assuring me that this was a successful install?  Gotta go play volleyball right now, but I'll be in first thing tomorrow morning running some om_whatever commands and rebooting to make sure all is OK.


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I've been trying a few things (and may have to capture some info and paste it here), and have started looking through the archives.

I see seemingly conflicting info (which may depend on what version I'm reading I suppose ) as to how to move the esm module from one machine to another for dynamic kernel support.

I've actually managed to install DOMSA using 2.4.9-31 on a LAB machine with kernel headers and sources installed.  I've tried to copy the module on another machine to /var/omsa/dks/`uname -r` and /lib/modules/`uname -r`/misc, then try to run an install of DOMSA with no success.  Of course this is a Dell PowerAPP, but the web server works, so I think this is a good "proof of concept".


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