_unofficial_ tg3 rpms available

Ed Martin ed.martin at iop.org
Tue Nov 26 11:58:00 CST 2002

I've loaded this onto a 2650 which always crashed quickly, and all is well so far <fc>  It's been an hour, which is longer than it ever managed previously, but I'll leave it overnight and see in the morning.
I can also try a 2550 server which showed the same fault.

Though I should add that the network situation has changed with this server - we've recently moved it from a 100MB switch to a GB switch.  And I haven't retried the crashing version since the move.

I can confirm that your kernel does show a tg3 version of 1.2.

Can anyone tell me which broadcom driver you'd recommend in the latest kernel please?
(assuming this problem is fixed)
Is it bcm (v2.2) or tg3 (v1.2)?
Do you think that the answer will be the same in 6 months time?



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>>> Jeff Garzik <jgarzik at redhat.com> 25/11/2002 21:56:45 >>>
Ok, at the request of several I have made available rpms which should
include the latest tg3 v1.2 for broadcom bcm570x NICs:


I must disclaim that these are UNOFFICIAL (sorry for shouting) rpms
which should not be used in production environments, only for testing,
not a real or official Red Hat release, etc., etc.

These are standard Red Hat errata kernels, plus the latest tg3 driver.

Make sure to check your driver version string when you load the driver,
to make sure you have the correct kernel!  (/bin/dmesg provides this
info, as does syslog if configured properly)


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