WS 530 PCI Slot

Brent DiNicola brentd at
Mon Nov 25 16:09:00 CST 2002

I recently added a BCM gig card to my server, it's a 
530 WS (I know a little off topic), it's got RH 7.2 
default kernel/load on it. The gig card is a 3c996b-t.
I added it to the last slot in the chassis which is 
a 64bit PCI slot. On 3 of the 5 machines this is working
just fine, but on the last 2 (came on the same order)
the machines are not seeing the card at all. lspci 
doesn't list them at all. I have swapped out with known
good cards and still no luck.. is there something I am
missing here? 


Brent DiNicola
Senior Systems Administrator
Cicada Semiconductor

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