2650 freezes during POST

Brian K. Jones jonesy at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Nov 25 10:05:00 CST 2002

I take it back.

Once I returned it to the rack, the same thing happened as did earlier. 
So I pulled the kvm cables and plugged in a couple of spare mouse and
keyboard and that got me into the BIOS.  It complained about a keyboard
stuck key error, then I got to the BIOS.  When I exited the BIOS, the
machine got through the rest of the 'white bar' stage.  

I shut the machine down before the actual OS started loading, and when I
rebooted I got something like 

ATI RAGE BIOS SDRAM <some gobbledygook here>

Dell Remote Access Card III Detected

Initializing Remote Access Card /

And this just spins like this forever.  I don't get this from the other
2650's and this is looking increasingly flaky.  Any clues welcome.

Thanks again.

On Mon, 2002-11-25 at 10:31, Brian K. Jones wrote:
> This solution worked.  
> However, this is unacceptable behaviour from a production machine! 
> Could this have been prevented?  Why would the box not exhibit any kind
> of flakiness during normal operation - why did I only see this on a
> reboot?  
> This box didn't offer any mission-critical services, but to the extent
> that it could make others in the dept. (and myself, admittedly) shaky
> toward doing more with Linux, it's all kinda critical to me (I happen to
> prefer Linux over Sun for some things).
> I appreciate the always wonderful level of assistance from those on this
> list.  
> Continued input appreciated, and solicited.
> brian.
> On Mon, 2002-11-25 at 09:34, Steve_Boley at dell.com wrote:
> > Reseat memory and reseat the riser assembly usually clears the memory count
> > bar hanging, you could pull the mouse and keyboard and see if bad kvm cable
> > is hanging as an easy item to try.
> > Steve
> > 
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> > ## this is a resend.  The original somehow was only sent to 
> > ## Matt D.  Sorry :-o
> > 
> > Hi.  This is bad news :(
> > 
> > I have 3 identically configured 2650's, and we had some downtime on
> > Saturday, and one of them didn't boot.  I came in this morning to find
> > the machine sitting there with the Dell logo and about 1/5 of that white
> > bar filled, and it was sitting like that for over 24 hours (which would
> > likely indicate that it wasn't going anywhere from there).  So I can't
> > get into the BIOS, there's no errors in the LCD on the front panel of
> > the box, all the disk lights look normal (one of our admins tried
> > reseating and rebooting, to no avail), all the connections on the back
> > are good, but no activity (and worse, no info!)
> > 
> > Any clues on what to do before I pull this thing and start reseating
> > RAM?  It's not the most convenient box to work on (because of where it
> > is - not because of anything Dell's done) :-)  
> > 
> > I would think that no matter what is broken, the box should give some
> > clue as to what's happening (or not), and the fact that it's not may be
> > a bug?  
> > 
> > Well, regardless, info on how I might proceed here is greatly
> > appreciated.
> > 
> > Thanks.

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