2650 freezes during POST

Brian K. Jones jonesy at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Nov 25 08:11:00 CST 2002

## this is a resend.  The original somehow was only sent to 
## Matt D.  Sorry :-o

Hi.  This is bad news :(

I have 3 identically configured 2650's, and we had some downtime on
Saturday, and one of them didn't boot.  I came in this morning to find
the machine sitting there with the Dell logo and about 1/5 of that white
bar filled, and it was sitting like that for over 24 hours (which would
likely indicate that it wasn't going anywhere from there).  So I can't
get into the BIOS, there's no errors in the LCD on the front panel of
the box, all the disk lights look normal (one of our admins tried
reseating and rebooting, to no avail), all the connections on the back
are good, but no activity (and worse, no info!)

Any clues on what to do before I pull this thing and start reseating
RAM?  It's not the most convenient box to work on (because of where it
is - not because of anything Dell's done) :-)  

I would think that no matter what is broken, the box should give some
clue as to what's happening (or not), and the fact that it's not may be
a bug?  

Well, regardless, info on how I might proceed here is greatly


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