persistent binding of LUNs

Will Sanders sanderws at
Fri Nov 22 22:59:01 CST 2002

    We are utilizing Dell PowerEdge 1650 servers running
RedHat Linux 7.2 in association with an EMC/Dell FC4700
SAN attached disk array.  
    Our problem is that the bindings between Linux devices and
FC4700 LUNs are not persistent.  The most obvious evidence
of this problem is when we add new LUNs to a server.  In this
situation, once the server reboots, the entries in /dev for disks
no longer point to what they pointed to prior to the the reboot.  
Thus, for example, an entry of /dev/sdb that pointed to LUN
0x02 prior to the reboot, after the reboot points to LUN 0x01
and /dev/sdc now points to LUN 0x02, where LUN 0x01 was
the LUN being added.  Obviously this can cause some serious
issues, and already has caused at least one heart attack.
    So, with all of that said, does anyone know of a way to
force persistent binding of LUN to Linux device??
    Thanks for any help in advance.

    Will Sanders

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