firewalls & NAT: drac access

Andy Stubbs andrew.stubbs at
Fri Nov 22 06:04:00 CST 2002

I have 3 DRAC III, and 2 ERA and 4 DRAC II cards.

I'm trying to set up a system whereby I can access each of these on
different ports on a single IP address. I have set up NATting port 80 on
the DRAC III cards to different ports on the access IP address and the web
interface appears to work fine, but I suppose the console redirection uses
a different port? In which case, considering there doesn't appear to be a
way to configure which port the user interface connects to, I suppose I'm
barking up the wrong tree. Nevertheless, it would be useful to know which
ports would need to be open for firewalling purposes.

Has anybody else tried to set this kind of thing up before? Any success? 
It's not my only option, but it would make life somewhat easier.

Any thoughts appreciated,


Andy Stubbs, B.A., Ph.D.
Network Manager, Active Hotels Ltd.
+44 1223 578106

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