PE 2650's and the state of the TG3 drivers Amit_Bhutani at
Thu Nov 21 18:48:00 CST 2002

First read:

The current status is that everyone is waiting for an official patch from
Red Hat for the tg3 driver issue (Bugzilla ID:69920). They already have a
fix that is being tested by the community.

While this official patch is not out, the short term fix is to swap the tg3
driver out with the bcm5700 driver usually found in the addon directory

- Amit B 

 > I had the machine rebooted, and again it locked up attempting to transfer
the database via ftp (this time after only 120k of xfer @ ~10MB/s).
 >  Can anyone sum up whats going on? I read some of the latest kernel
changelogs and most of the fixes I noticed were minor, and I'm not convin
ced that theres a fix out there yet...

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