Mysterious Reboots of PowerEdge 2550

Mohamed Magdi Abbas mmabbas at
Thu Nov 21 17:34:01 CST 2002

Hello All,

I've a PowerEdge 2550 server Dual Processor with a Gig of Ram running
RedHat Linux 7.3. When using X with Gnome, certain times when I click on
a menu or button, the computer reboots itself. When that happens I
notice that I get the following when I issue the last command:

root     :0                            Mon Nov 18 07:51 - crash  (00:03)

This happens under different kernel versions, so it does not seem to be
specific to a certain kernel. Also, I can repeat this "reboot" error
consitently if I launch the redhat-config-users and select a user and
then go to the file menu and click on properties. That is a sure way to
get the machine to reboot but not the only way... Could someone tell me
what is going on here? I've done an strace on redhat-config-users but
did not find anything usefull... Could someone tell me how to go about
this problem to get it fixed. Also I did look into the log files but did
not turn up anything usefull...

Thanks in Advance

Mohamed Magdi Abbas
mmabbas at
Assistant Systems Engineer
Longwood University

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