RedHat 8.0 on PE 2650?

Michael E Brown michael_e_brown at
Thu Nov 21 17:09:01 CST 2002

On Thu, 21 Nov 2002, Sanders, Jim wrote:

> I bought a PowerEdge 2650 the other day that will be an Apache/MySQL/PHP web
> server, and  I have been trying to get various versions of Linux to load
> into it.  I did have a lot of luck with RedHat 7.3 using the Dell OpenManage
> server assistant to get my system ready.  However I initially had trouble
> with kernel panics in SMP mode, which seems to be a known issue so I
> upgraded the kernel.  Now I randomly get a completely frozen box, no display
> on the console and it's dead to the world as far as networking goes.

This is becoming a FAQ:

Change the TG3 driver out for the BCM5700 driver.

> So at this point I have decided I'd like to move up to version 8.0 since
> that is what my Dell reps are saying is the only version they can sell me

Not correct. In general, we support the latest version (N), and one
previous version (N-1). So, RedHat 7.3 should be supported on PE 2650.

> now anyway.  I just downloaded 8.0's 3 disk set and would like to use server
> assistant to help me load it again so that I know I get all the
> perc/nic/hyperthreading drivers loaded properly, but my version of server
> assistant doesn't support 8.0.

DSA support for Linux lags just a bit. Dell _just_ released 8.0, and I 
think DSA support should follow by a few weeks.

> Whew - with that all said, my question is either a) is there an updated
> server assistant disk I can get that will work with 8.0?  or b) what are the
> tips and tricks to getting RH8 on a PE 2650 without the assistant to do it
> for me?

IIRC, 8.0 should "just work" on PE2650, with the TG3 driver exception, 
noted above.

> I do have quite a bit of Linux experience, primarily with Gentoo which is a
> "do it yourself from scratch" distro so that won't be a concern :)  But
> since this server is also sort of a guinea pig for how easy Linux is to
> install on a Dell server, I would like to go the server assistant route so
> an install will be more palatable to my Microsoft "Born and Raised"
> colleagues. haha
> Jim Sanders
> Network Administrator
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