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Thu Nov 21 12:15:01 CST 2002

On Wed, 20 Nov 2002, Frank R. Warnke wrote:

--- snip many kind words --

Thanks for the vote of confidence, and thanks for buying Dell!

> 1) I have received four PE600SC's so far this month, and each of them had 
> "ide0=ata66" and "ide1=ata66" appended to the kernel line in "grub.conf" but 
> the CMOS was set to "Maximum UDMA=33".  Is this an over sight or am I wrong 
> on the connection between these settings?

Seems like a legitimate question. Hopefully somebody on the Linux team can 
address this one. What does your kernel say when it boots about DMA 
settings? What does hdparm say?

> 2) The current "megamon" that is installed on a Dell factory installation 
> (using the CERC ATA100/4ch) is the old one that sends 100's of e-mails to 
> root.  I replace it with the megamon from the "CERC_LinApps-522_tar.gz" and 
> it works fine.

This is a known issue, and I believe this should be addressed rather 
soonish. Unfortunately, not everything that is installed on our Linux 
boxes out of the factory goes through the Linux team for approval. The 
storage team did this one, found this bug, and deemed it to be a sev 3 
issue :-( 

The Linux team has taken this one on and raised the priority. The issue is 
just lead-time to get the new release into the factory.

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