2650 and Redhat 7.2 install problem

Craig Dawson Craig.Dawson at sas.com
Thu Nov 21 11:55:14 CST 2002

Thanks Brian!  I did exactly what you said and it worked great.
The information was very helpful and I greatly appreciate your
response.  Thanks,

Craig Dawson

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The default 'bootnet.img' doesn't contain the bcm5700.o module that is
required for the PE2650.
You can grab the bcm5700.o module from the 'netdrv.img' file and install it
into the 'bootnet.img' file if you know how to rebuild the installation
floppy disks.

You will also have to pass in an option to the aacraid module in order to
allow it to detect the RAID controller.
I use kickstart files to install our systems and so I added this line to
the kickstart file:

device scsi aacraid --opts aacraid_pciid=0x1028,0x0A,0x1028,0x0121

I don't remember how to pass these arguments at the boot: prompt - someone
else will know this answer.

And the final kicker is that if you are using a switch with auto-sensing
capabilities (10/100 half/full duplex), the bcm5700 driver probably won't
work properly and won't give you a link light without making the
/etc/modules.conf file look something like

alias eth0 bcm5700
alias eth1 bcm5700
options bcm5700 line_speed=10,10 auto_speed=0,0

to force 10MBs operation.  You may be able to force 100MB/s operation,
although I don't believe we had any luck with the switch here.

- Brian

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I have been trying to install Redhat 7.2 on a 2650 using kickstart.  The
major problem that I am having is that the Broadcom driver that is provided
with the Redhat 7.2 media does not seem to work.  I am kickstarting the
machine using NFS, so I need to have the network adapter up during the

After checking Matt's site, I saw where he posted an Advanced Server boot
image to address the problem, but I don't see one for Redhat 7.2.  If
someone could point me to a bootnet image that will get around this
problem, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks!

Craig A. Dawson
Unix Systems Administrator
SAS Institute

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