PE 2650's and the state of the TG3 drivers

Kyle Christensen kylec at
Thu Nov 21 11:23:00 CST 2002

I picked up a new (2gb/2x2.4ghz/raid) PE2650, and after configuring it at home, slapped it up in our colocation facility.

Wouldn't you know as soon as I got home and attempted to transfer our 3gb mysql db over from another machine, I ran into the lockups that I've seen described in many many other posts. I had the machine rebooted, and again it locked up attempting to transfer the database via ftp (this time after only 120k of xfer @ ~10MB/s).

Being as naive as I am, I was running 2.4.20-rc2, but it had been stable on my wks at home, and on the server during normal configuration and testing.

I am going to revert to 2.4.19 once I get the machine back online, but I am very concerned that I'm going to have to use a PCI network card in place of my dual onboard cards until a suitable work around for these crashes.

Can anyone sum up whats going on? I read some of the latest kernel changelogs and most of the fixes I noticed were minor, and I'm not convinced that theres a fix out there yet...

P.S. If you reply, please cc me as I'm not subscribed to the list.

-Kyle Christensen
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