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You may have the same catch as we have on our PE2550 BIOS console.
The 2550 BIOS send an  ANSI query device status <ESC>[5n
and expect an device OK <ESC>[0n to go on

So it work with a terminal or a good emulation if this
query is fullfilled, not otherwise...


-Dear Nate
-Thanks for your answer. I also thought about using serial console and did some
-tests. I followed the 'Remote serial console' Howto and it worked as expected.
-But what is not working is the redirection of the BIOS. I have a PE2550 with a 
-A06 BIOS, enabled console redirection, but it doesn't work!
-Can you be a little more precise on how you get the bios redirected? (serial
-line settings, etc...)
-> Since the bios can redirects to the serial, and you can make the boot 
-> loader and os redirect to the serial, we don't use the drac cards on our 
-> systems and just use serial console.  The advantage of the drac cards 
-> comes in when you have a kernel panic and need to power cycle the box.  We 
-> got around this by using remoter powerswitches.
-> -Nate 
-> On Wed, 20 Nov 2002, Hans-Peter Zahno wrote:
-> > Hello,
-> > 
-> > Im running RedHat 7.3 on two PE2550 with DRAC II cards. Following the 
-> > I installed the drac driver and utilites:
-> > DRAC-Common-2.4.1-2
-> > DRAC-Driver-2.4.1-4
-> > 
-> > I can access and configure drac with racconf. I would like to use my drac 
-> > the serial port (vt100) with console redirection and system control. 
-> > Unfortunately I can't find any documentation on this issue. 
-> > Does anybody use drac in this way (I don't want to manage my server through 
-> > windows machines)? Or, more general, what is the best way to use drac with 
-> > Or, should I forget drac?
-> > Any hints and suggestions are welcome.
-> > Thanks
-> > Hans-Peter Zahno
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