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Wed Nov 20 17:15:00 CST 2002

>>maybe a very dump question: how can I find out which subagents are
>>installed for ucd-snmp ? At least I didn't find anything in
>>/etc/snmp/snmpd.conf besides the smuxpeer-entry.

No lines begining with "pass"?

>>Regarding net-snmp: I don't really want to download and install
>>something outside redhat RPM's because of automatic updates and
>>compatibility issues but if it helps me I'll try. Is it the "same" as
>>ucd-snmp, is there anything to be considered ? 

It follows all of the SNMP standards;just like it's predecessor.  I suggest
using the net-snmp 5.0.6 release from SourceForge for testing.
Additionally, Red Hat is due to release a errata for net-snmp that is based
upon 5.0.6 in a couple weeks.

>>Also there're many mrtg and a big nagios (netsaint) installation running
>>on this box, using several perl snmp-modules from cpan to gather remote
>>data. Will this get affected anyhow if I change the ucd-snmp to net-snmp
I haven't seen any issues specific to perl modules on the net-snmp mailing
Also, try using gdb to see where snmpd crashes.

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Are there any other SNMP subagents on the system?  Perhapts adaptec or
based?  If so, try stopping those and then re-trying the query.  I would
also suggest using a newer version of snmp from
is pretty stable).

Read ya,

Joshua Giles

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after installing OMSA (with dynamic kernel-driver, after trying and
reading a few hours) dellomsa-drivers-4.70-3613, dellomsa-4.70-3613 from
APP32_LNX_MN my snmpd is dead now. I already tried to remove the
mux-entry from /etc/snmp/snmd.conf with the same result, it dies on the
first query.. Any hints ? 
It's a PE2450, Perc3/Si with RH 7.1 latest RH-kernel 2.4.18-18.7.xsmp
and ucd-snmp-4.2.5-7.71.0.rpm from RH. The system is standard redhat
with latest packages installed (and I won't change this to something
so-much-better-self-compiled, I'm happy with binaries and automatic

Also, from the W2k OMSA I'm used to get the storage/raid status via
snmp, which was the initial reson to start this
installation-compilation-desaster; is this possible somehow ? The
afasnmp-2.7-1.i386.rpm at least dind't work at all. 

Despite I'm asking myself how linux should ever get something really
usable when it's even impossible to setup simple server-agents without
downloading hundreds of MB of kernel-sources and dealing with such
stuff. I've missed setup.exe and the continue-button today ;)

Thanks for your help

Michael Markstaller

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