Two thumbs up Dell!

Frank R. Warnke frw at
Wed Nov 20 14:44:01 CST 2002

This list is mostly used for complaints and problems.  That is its purpose 
and it works very well.  But I just have to say, "Good job Dell".  

I have been working for a company (going on 15 years now) that has sold Dell 
computers before the name Dell was on them.  I am speaking of the "PC's 
Limited" series that dates back to 1986/1987.  We just retired our last one 
in 2001.  

I came on board in 1988 when the Dell name started to appear on the systems. 
 I have seen many UNIX's come and go, like Dell UNIX (Interactive UNIX).  We 
started by installing SCO XENIX on the Dell 386 series.  Back in the late 
80's it was hard to convince Newspapers to buy a computer from this new 
comer called Dell.  However, it took only a few years to dethrone IBM PS/2's 
and Compaq Deskpros.   

I was and still am pleased with their direct and live tech support.  We have 
had our share of bumps along the way but the problems have always been 
resolved.  For us, the OS of choice is currently Red Hat Linux.  We have 
been using Red Hat Linux for close to five years and we really appreciate 
Dell supporting it.

Thanks for the great products and great service over the years.  I look 
forward to many more years.

I also want to pass along two items that may be of interest to the folks at 
Dell that do the factory install of Red Hat Linux.

1) I have received four PE600SC's so far this month, and each of them had 
"ide0=ata66" and "ide1=ata66" appended to the kernel line in "grub.conf" but 
the CMOS was set to "Maximum UDMA=33".  Is this an over sight or am I wrong 
on the connection between these settings?

2) The current "megamon" that is installed on a Dell factory installation 
(using the CERC ATA100/4ch) is the old one that sends 100's of e-mails to 
root.  I replace it with the megamon from the "CERC_LinApps-522_tar.gz" and 
it works fine.

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