Dell PE2650 lock ups Amit_Bhutani at
Wed Nov 20 10:10:01 CST 2002

Look through the November archives
and also . You
will find lots of discussion on this tg3 driver stability topic.

In short, Red Hat identified a problem with the stability of it's default
tg3 driver and issued a fix for it in the new errata kernel (
that they released
( Many
people installed that new kernel and looks like it did not help. The
suspicion at the moment is that the patch slipped through the cracks for
that errata kernel.

The short term fix that a lot of people have sworn to work is to switch to
the bcm5700 driver (this driver should already be installed on your system.)

#ifdown ethx (where x is the # of the broadcom NIC interface) 
# rmmod tg3
#insmod bcm5700 
Edit /etc/modules.conf and replace the tg3 entries with bcm5700
# ifup ethx
Restart network services if any problem arises.

- Amit Bhutani
> I have a Dell PE2650 on which I am trying to get RH7.3 or 
> RH8.0 to work.
> It hangs overnight while inactive.  
> I suspect that it is a driver problem as it has passed all diagnostics
> and does not hang under very heavy processing/disk load testing.  
> It does seem to lock up quickly when it is ping flooded.
> I researched this and have seen several messages indicating problems
> with the RH7.3/8.0's default TG3 driver and suggesting that 
> the BCM5700
> driver as appropriate.
> If someone could just kindly point me to the drivers I would 
> appreciate
> it.

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