Dell PE2650 lock ups

Chris Spencer cspencer at
Wed Nov 20 09:43:00 CST 2002

I have a Dell PE2650 on which I am trying to get RH7.3 or RH8.0 to work.

It hangs overnight while inactive.  

I suspect that it is a driver problem as it has passed all diagnostics
and does not hang under very heavy processing/disk load testing.  

It does seem to lock up quickly when it is ping flooded.

I researched this and have seen several messages indicating problems
with the RH7.3/8.0's default TG3 driver and suggesting that the BCM5700
driver as appropriate.

If someone could just kindly point me to the drivers I would appreciate


PS>  For google and such:  Red Hat Redhat hang lockup dell 2650
poweredge driver (I spent far too much time looking into this.)

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