specs for speed of RAID?

Craig I. Hagan hagan at cih.com
Tue Nov 19 18:12:07 CST 2002

>   In "real world" usage, the system will be busy doing other things
> (presumably, that is why you bought it), giving more benefit to offloading
> RAID calculations to a dedicated card.  How much of a benefit is directly
> proportional to the load on the system.

assuming that one is doing raid5, and one doesn't cost an extra processor to
the task and/or the expected load isn't cpu intense (e.g. file serving).

however, if your load is both cpu and io intense, then running software raid10
is a reasonable option as it doesn't consume much in the way of resources. Of
course, you could also run HW raid10, but i would only do that if the HW raid
controller is faster than what the OS can deliver.

Do realize that those solaris guys have been addicted to software raid for a
long time via veritas and modern x86 machines have a lot more cpu power to burn
than most (all?) sparcs.

-- craig

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