New 2.4.18-18 kernel doesn't fix lockups

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Tue Nov 19 15:36:00 CST 2002

I'm in the same boat as Chris.  I cannot give a definitive answer as
gospel, I can only give you my experiences.

Both drivers are included with the 2.4.18-17 kernels so you can swap
their use at will.  I do not see any loss of funtionality with either
driver, except for random crashes with tg3 ;)

If installing a fresh copy of Red Hat 7.3 on a Dell PowerEdge with
Broadcom NIC's, the install uses the tg3 module.  In our case the box
(PE6600) appeared stable for the majority of the day until there were
periods of very high disk activity and very high network traffic to/from
the box.  We perform network-based backups so our backups would trigger
a hard lockup.  No network activity (no ping, etc.) and no console
response.  Only a cold power-off would bring the box back.

Once I switched to the bcm5700 driver, all of our problems went away.
The box has been up and stable now for 11 days with fairly constant disk
activity and periodic periods of high network traffic during our

Hope this helps,

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Half the posts about lockups seem to indicate a problem with the tg3
and a recommendation to switch to the bcm5700 driver.

The other half appear to say exactly the opposite.

Just for the record, can anyone authoritatively say that the tg3 driver
is definitely the cause for the lockups and they do not happen with the
bcm5700 driver ?

Is there any other loss of functionality by using the bcm5700 driver ?

Which is the default one ? I am assuming it's the tg3, and the bcm5700
has to be downloaded.



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