Any experience wirh PowerVault 750N and RH

Benito Venegas venevene at
Mon Nov 18 22:21:00 CST 2002

Hi guys:

I have a box 750N (NAS Server with win2k agh!!)
and it's giving me some headaches (3rd time with the same
problems and all the time my windows "partner" needs to reinstall 
everything!!). So I want to delete windows and install RH.

Now the question is: what's the perfomance of this box running RH?
This box came with a PERC card (I need to check what model) and well, any 
feedback about performance using RAID 5 with 6x73G will be very useful.

I know we will loose some tools like array manager, and some other 
features NAS has with windows 2k, but really  we are havong more problems 
than benefits with M$.

Thanks to help to the linux "evangelization"
Any feedback will be welcome



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