Anyone satisfied w/Quad Processor Dell PE 66x0?

Jeff Parker parkerjeff at
Mon Nov 18 20:38:00 CST 2002

I apologize for such a negative posting, but I think it is a legitimate
query. Is anyone satisfied with the performance and stability of their
Dell PE66x0 series server? I am at the current patch levels for Redhat
7.3, I am not running tgz, and I have the Perc3/DC at the recommended
1.74 firmware. This being said I have sluggish performance, hangs, and
crashes (which do not appear on another server with the same config).
Granted Apache is a pretty demanding application, but I think this $37K
server should be able to handle some load.
Dell has not helped at all (sans the employees that respond to the
group(Thanks Guys)). All in all, I wish I would have just upgraded my
6450 (which was a rock).

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