specs for speed of RAID?

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Mon Nov 18 07:45:01 CST 2002

On Sat, 16 Nov 2002, at 7:42am, arechenberg at shermfin.com wrote:
> I'm wondering if we get some 39160's in there and just use software RAID
> if we'll get similar performance as the list member below.

  It is worth pointing out that benchmarks run on a software RAID
configuration on an unloaded system will give artificially high results.  
Essentially, when doing that, you turn your entire system into one really
big RAID controller.  Of course a multi-processor system with hundreds of
megabytes of RAM will do RAID fast.  :)

  In "real world" usage, the system will be busy doing other things
(presumably, that is why you bought it), giving more benefit to offloading
RAID calculations to a dedicated card.  How much of a benefit is directly
proportional to the load on the system.

  That being said, some of the PERC's have abysmal performance anyway.

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