Two PEconnecting at same SCSI Bus

Marc Schmitt schmitt at
Mon Nov 18 07:14:01 CST 2002

Dear Matt,

I'm currently looking for a shared storage solution and would like to 
profit from your experiences. :)

Having contacted support from AXUS (, they told me that 
their products don't support shared SCSI busses (unfortunately...).

My questions are:
- which units from Dell (server and storage) are you using?
- are you using Y-Cables (I`m not sure if it`s a must with U3...)
- is it stable?

Has anyone IDE-SCSI storages in use with a shared SCSI bus?



Matthew Parslow wrote:
> When I did this there's a few things you have to do:
> Change the cards to "SHARED" mode.
> Change one of the cards ID (which you've done)
> Ensure the shared SCSI unit is set to shared mode (on the dell unit we had,
> we had to take out the cards and change a jumper to "force joined")
> It should be a purely hardware thing, we needed no changes to any modules or
> kernel parameters. Cheers, Matt

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