New 2.4.18-18 kernel doesn't fix lockups

Ed Martin ed.martin at
Mon Nov 18 06:48:01 CST 2002

Sorry guys, but I've loaded this new kernel onto the 2650 which was playing up, and no joy.
I get a lockup within 5 mins of boot, just like before.

Not sure if it was supposed to resolve all hanging problems (I am still waiting for an updated tg3.o from you Arjan), but doesn't seem to help me.

I've got a screen of diagnostic from nmi_watchdog=1 if anyone is interested (complete with EIP line this time).  The first thing listed in the call trace is tg3_timer again.

Interestingly from the below that I got just prior to the hang dmesg reports the same details for tg3 as before.  (v1.1 August 30th).  I was kinda expecting v1.11 November 15th or something..



[root at born root]# uname -a
Linux 2.4.18-18.7.xsmp #1 SMP Wed Nov 13 19:01:42 EST 2002 i686 unknown
[root at born root]# /sbin/lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by    Not tainted
autofs                 11652   0  (autoclean) (unused)
nfs                    86048   2  (autoclean)
lockd                  55904   1  (autoclean) [nfs]
sunrpc                 79252   1  (autoclean) [nfs lockd]
tg3                    46720   1 
usb-ohci               20896   0  (unused)
usbcore                74400   1  [usb-ohci]
ext3                   67424   7 
jbd                    51528   7  [ext3]
aacraid                29300   8 
sd_mod                 12832  16 
scsi_mod              108048   2  [aacraid sd_mod]
[root at born root]# dmesg | grep -i tg3
tg3.c:v1.1 (Aug 30, 2002)
tg3: eth0: Link is up at 100 Mbps, full duplex.
tg3: eth0: Flow control is off for TX and off for RX.

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>>> Philip Rowlands <phr at> 16/11/2002 18:40:24 >>>
I've noticed a lot of reports recently about the tg3 driver.

This erratum: 

claims to fix this bug: 



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