afaapps requires arts package?

Michael E Brown michael_e_brown at
Sun Nov 17 14:10:01 CST 2002

You can install the package with the '--nodeps' option to RPM to force

I'll forward this to the person who maintains afaapps to let him know.

On Fri, 15 Nov 2002, David Smith wrote:

> In trying to install the afaapps package on a minimal RH7.3 box it fails on
> a dependency to
> Is there a reason the afaapps utilities require arts?
> Package Description:
> arts (analog real-time synthesizer) is the sound system of KDE 3.
> The principle of arts is to create/process sound using small modules which do
> certain tasks. These may be create a waveform (oscillators), play samples,
> filter data, add signals, perform effects like delay/flanger/chorus, or
> output the data to the soundcard.
> By connecting all those small modules together, you can perform complex
> tasks like simulating a mixer, generating an instrument or things like
> playing a wave file with some effects.
> The package I downloaded of Dell's web site is: afa-linux-app-A01.tar.gz
> It contains both the afacli & a snmp module.
> Thanks in advance,
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