Utility partition (was: The blinking blue lights)

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Thu Nov 14 15:24:01 CST 2002

On Thu, 14 Nov 2002, at 11:52am, jeff at hostinggroups.com wrote:
> I noticed that there is a Dell partition on the HD, what is this for and
> how do I access it, if I hit F10 at boot up it just loads the OS?

  Most likely: When you installed your boot manager (LILO or GRUB), you
installed it in the MBR, instead of installing it in the boot sector of a
primary partition (the way the PC was designed to work).  Since you
destroyed the standard MBR, the F10 option can no longer control what OS
gets booted.

  You can add the Dell utility partition to your boot manager's menu by
using the appropriate "chain loader" option.  Consult your boot manager's
documentation for more information.

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