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Flash the raid card up to the newest firmware available for it and that will
fix the issue.

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I have a Dell PowerEdge 1300 system with the Megaraid
controller.  It is currently "running" RedHat 6.2. 
6.2 has a driver conflict with the Megaraid (running
RAID 5 over 3 hard drives.)  Occasionally, the system
will crash hard.  It finally crashed such that fsck
stops checking my main partition at 62%, so I decided
to take the plunge and load 8.0, to get rid of my

In loading 8.0, the system loads the Megaraid driver,
twice.  (There is also a network card and a 7890 SCSI
card with a DAT tape drive.)  It then comes up with
the fact that no hard drives were found and I would
probably need to manually load drivers.

What can I do to make RedHat Linux 8.0 find my RAID
drive?  (Which I really want to upgrade, not wipe, but
will wipe if necessary.)  RedHat 6.2 found the drives
without a problem.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Terry Steyaert
steyaert at

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