speed of RAID 5 array

Alexander Lazarevich alazarev at hera.itg.uiuc.edu
Thu Nov 14 13:37:00 CST 2002

PE 4600, redhat 7.3 (2.4.18-4smp kernel), dual 2.8GHz xeons, PERC3-QC RAID
card, 8 x 73GB SCSI drives in a RAID 5 config (attached to the PERC3

im running a benchmark on the RAID 5 array. the package is bonnie++
(v1.02c). test results on the RAID 5 array are:

46MB/sec write, 24MB/sec re-write, 85MB/sec read.

now, im not complaining cause that is faster than our network can go
anyway, but is that a good speed for the hardware i have?

just curious, thanks!

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