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Thu Nov 14 13:30:00 CST 2002

just use hdparm -d0 /dev/hda and will fix the issue and you can add this
setting to /etc/sysconfig/harddrive file and will pass at boot or you can
just pass ide1=nodma and will disable dma on secondary channel if you add to
your /kernel line in grub.conf.

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the email i sent regarding cdr/w ide/scsi and the 1400sc was warranted.  i
discovered the ide burner i bought last night (yamaha) is having problems
with dma and the ServerWorks ide chipset that comes on the 1400.  

serverworks chipset support is enabled.  when cdrecord is about to burn to
disk the system hangs for a minute, then locks completely..

if i find no workaround i will have to fork out 100$ more for the scsi
version, and purchase a 50pin-68pin converter...

Aaron Colichia
Dell Storage Systems Test 1
Round Rock TX  512 725 2844

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