The blinking blue lights

Tom Lesniak tlesniak at
Thu Nov 14 12:33:01 CST 2002

The lights will blink when you press the 'I' button so you can identify the
system within a rack (there's LED's on both the front and back...makes it
easier when you have a rack full of 1U servers)  If you press the "i"
button once, the led's will stop blinking.  (also, the led's will turn
amber and blink when there is a problem with the system)

     - Tom

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Sorry for the lame question, but.

I have 3 1650s two of them the blue lights blink on the other the blue
light stays lit steady.  What is the difference?

I noticed that there is a Dell partition on the HD, what is this for and
how do I access it, if I hit F10 at boot up it just loads the OS?

We are running RH 7.1

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