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Download and install dellmgr rpm from website and starts with dellmgr.  Go
to objects/adapter/alarm control/silence alarm.  Have to have ncurses 4
installed alongside the ncurses5 that default installs.

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PE 4600.

we were testing out a bunch of stuff. pulling out drives of RAID 1 and
RAID 5 arrays, pulled out power supplys, etc. everthing is totally working
as it should, and im really happy about that. the drives i pulled are back
in, and apparently auto-rebuilding the array, because the disk-write lite
is flashing non-stop.

only problem is there is this beep that wont stop! ack! its very annoying.
i assume the beep will stop when the array's are rebuilt. is there anyway
to tell it to turn off that beep? without reboot and going into the BIOS?

thanks in advance!

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