redhat showing 4 procs

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Welcome to hyperthreading.  The xeon processors use it and linux reports a
single xeon as two processors.  This is normal.

     - Tom

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PE 4600, dual 2.8GHz procs, 4GB RAM, runnning redhat linux 7.3
(2.4.18-3smp kernel).

my linux OS is reporting quad processors, both when i run top, and in
/proc/meminfo (shows proc0-3). and top is showing that all proc0-3 are
using different amounts of their computing power. but i know for certain
there are only 2 processors in the system. i've opened the beast up (at
least the right side of the machine, im assuming the left side is just
empty space cause there are no fans cycling air in the left side) and i
only see 2 processors.

any ideas why the linux kernel is doing that? and could it create any
problems for fileserving?

thanks in advance,

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