Teaming on a PE 4600 with linux RH 7.3

Dario Palmisano Dario.Palmisano at
Wed Nov 13 08:26:00 CST 2002


I have a PE 4600 (with two ethernet adapters integrated on the mother board, one
is a BCM5700, the other is a E100). This system run RH 7.3, on which I


then I configured (with /etc/basp/team-sw0) both the adapter to balance the
traffic, but when I disconnect the BCM5700 adapter I loose the connection (while
I expected the other gained the control of the traffic).

Then I configured the BCM5700 as primary and the E100 has hot-standby, but again
when I disconnect the BCM5700 the other adapter does not start working.

If I run "baspcfg show 0" I do not see the E100 configured (both cases).

Where I am wrong? Does basp work with other adatper (not BCM) too?




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