Hard lockups on PE 6600 (Rechenberg, Andrew)

Jeff Parker parkerjeff at spcollege.edu
Tue Nov 12 09:55:00 CST 2002

I have a 6650 that does not seem to like more than 30 days of uptime as
well. I am currently not using 4/8 gigs of DRAM because I cannot keep
the box up for 24 hours with the bigmem kernel (SMP seems better). I
tried the BC NICS, and now I am using an E1000 Fiber NIC with the same

I have collected every bit of data from my box possible, and the only
concrete problem that I can find is processes hanging that cannot be
killed (-9). My point of blame is beginning to go to the Perc3-DC card
because of this (who knows if I am on the right track). I am tempted to
bust out a Perc2!

I was wondering if anyone else was getting tons of "hung" processes on
their servers before kernelling? My top loadaverage was 695.

One note in defense of Linux, I have 2 6650's running Win2K and they do
not seem to work correctly either.

My 6650;
4X1600 Xeons
8 Gig DDR
5X73gig HD
2 Intel E1000 Fiber NICS
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