Michael E Brown michael_e_brown at
Mon Nov 11 22:58:00 CST 2002

Slack distributes a 'raw' Linus kernel. No patches. Easy on
Patrick from a maintenance standpoint, but sort of hard on people with
exotic hardware :-)

In order to run on the Perc3/Di, you need the 'aacraid' driver, which is
distributed as a patch. You can get it from one of any number of different
places. You can go to, IIRC there might be patched
slack install disks there. You can also grab the patch from redhat's
kenrnel source rpm.

On Mon, 11 Nov 2002, Eric A Rasor wrote:

> I have been trying to get a Dell Poweredge 1650 with the Perc3/Di without
> any success.  I have been using Slackware for about 4 years and have 9
> servers currently up and running for a minimum of 1 year (knock wood).  I
> prefer Slack 7.1 but am willing to go with 8.0/8.1 to get this current
> server running.  I have no raid experience and have exhausted my mental
> capacity.  I used to use BSDi and have installed FreeBSD on the machine with
> success but the learning curve to go back to using BSD would be to great and
> I really like the leaner OS of Slack.  Can you offer me any assistance
> toward getting this machine running?  As you can tell, I am getting
> desperate.
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