pe2650 console hang

John McMonagle johnm at
Mon Nov 11 15:56:01 CST 2002

Got one report of this happening but still not sure what does it.

I disabled dpms but that doesn't  help.
I have seen X crash before on other computers but it usually recovers.
There may be some correlation to dying in a screen saver.
Thinking it must be something in the kernel since it doesn't recover.
Next time I'm at the server I'll check to see if there are any kernel modules
that Xfree86 is using. 


Anyone have X working OK on dual processor pe2650 with rh73? 

John McMonagle wrote:
> Have pe2650
> 2 processors
> 2gb ram
> rh7.3  2.4.18-17.7.xsmp kernel
> The console has locked up a few times.
> The only time it has done this is when in X
> Server seems to be otherwise working OK,.
> The worst part is I can't seem so get it working again without
> rebooting  :(
> My best guesses so far is some sort of conflict with omsa or  dpms.
> John

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