Linux Rescue on PowerEdge 2650

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Thanks! That took care of part of the problem.  It mounts the root system
(/dev/sda2) on /mnt/sysimage, but it says that /dev/sdb2 (data) is invalid.
At that point it goes to a shell prompt where I could perform some detective

By performing a "rpm -Va", I can verify that there are a lot of files
missing under /dev.  I found out through "rpm -qf" which rpm the files are
supposed to be in so I can reload the missing files, but I can't seem to
mount the cdrom.

Any suggestions?

Thanks again,


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linux rescue noprobe

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Here are the details:

Server: PowerEdge 2650, with a PERC 3/Di RAID controller, Linux 7.2

What happened:
Files (not sure how many) were deleted from the /dev directory.  After
performing a reboot, received a message saying that the "console failed to
initialize".  The server was locked up at that point.

What I'm trying to do:
Tried to perform a Linux Rescue, but the RAID controller is not being found.
It attempts to load the aacraid driver, but it does not give me the
opportunity to Specify Module Parameters (i.e.

Is there a way to get the Linux Rescue to ask for controller drivers/module
parameters when going into rescue mode?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

-Joe Kozlowski
contact at: tim at

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