backup solutions for linux

Lars Andersson lars at
Fri Nov 8 14:35:00 CST 2002

Eric Björkvall wrote:
>We're running redhat 7.3 on a power edge 4400 with 500 GB storage. We have 
>a powervault
>120t tape drive/library. We're looking for a good backup program for 
>linux, backing up this server and
>a few other redhat 7..3 machines - have tried arkea 5.0.x for
>a couple of months but it is expensive if we want to buy it and the 
>current version has a few quite seriuos bugs.
>Any suggestions?

Try amanda, , it's availible under bsd-licence from and runs smoothly under almost any 
*nix. RedHat ships amanda rpms on the cd:s.

It does have a lot of nice feature, one of the best is dumping to holding 
disks before/while it spools to tapes which keeps the backup window short 
(and lets me do backups during the weekends, by just putting a tape into 
the taper on monday morning and flush the backups from the holding disks to 
a tape since I don't have a changer). You can configure it to use gnu-tar, 
to do the compression on the server or client side etc. Of course you can 
use hardware compression if you want to, but amanda does a better job if 
it's allowed to use software compression. It's saved my skin a lot of times 
without any hassle.

Storage mountain got an excellent chapter on amanda


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