Backup Software for Linux

Dave Johnson dave at
Fri Nov 8 13:07:01 CST 2002

I've found that every backup software has some sort of 
limitations.  However, depending on your environment, 
we've found the most comprehensive, low cost, enterprise 
grade backup software for linux is NetVault 

Its about the same price league as Arkeia but can 
backup a lot more--  
IE they have database plugins for most databases:
	- db2, oracle, informix, ms sql, mysql, others
Comprehensive OS list
	Linux 2.2/2.4, W2k/NT (with optional open file 
	module), Solaris, HPUX, AIX, Tru64
Linux 2.4 server support
Exchange 2000 Backup / Lotus Domino
NDMP support
Multiple backup server support

I've personally used Legato Netbackup and Veritas 
[BackupExec/Netbackup] in the past and Netvault is 
arguably the easiest one.  


Netvault also has a vaultdr which will rebuild a machine
from scratch back to its last backup.  (no OS required
on the client machine).  Haven't really tried this, and
only works with certain NICs.


As far as tape vs. drive performance--  We get sustained 
20MB/sec to one LTO tape drive.  We have a Dell 128T and
can backup to both drives simultaneously at that speed.
(The 20MB/sec is doing NDMP backups with a NetApp).  
Otherwise we get about 12MB/sec with a Linux client 

We thought disk backups would be faster, but we didn't
find that as such (for both IDE and SCSI raid5)

Dave Johnson
dave at

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